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Science Kits

Keeping science in your hands, even when we are 6ft apart. Kits are released every other Monday through the remainder of the Ithaca City School District's Calendar

Don't Try This At Home

Missing your time at the workshop? Here's a little sample of the wild and wonderful exhibits that will be waiting for you when you get back

5 Minute Friday

There's always time for science! Join us for 5 minute Fridays, where we take a quick trip into the strangest corners of the workshop and the world.

DO Try This At Home

Why should we have all the fun? You've got everything you need to flex your tinkering and investigative skills wherever you may be.

Nature Moments

Snakes and mice and dragons, oh my! Take a walk on the wild side with FSW's Nature Moments.

Science Kits

Kit #1: Catapults!

How can a spoon, some cardboard, and a tiny square of duct tape become the ultimate projectile machine? Join Program Director Liv, as she unpacks our first ever Science in a bag!

Kit #2 : Microscopes!

A Microscope in a paper bag? Thanks to Foldscopes, that’s exactly what we’ve got this week. Dive in, take a look, then take a wayyy closer look at your world.

Kit #3 : UV Flashlight!

Make a flat portable Ultraviolet flashlight and track down some science of your own with this week’s Science Kit!

Kit #4 : Seeds!

From a tiny speck to a cold glass of minty refreshment, we’ve got spearmint seeds and everything you need to plant, grow, and nurture them to their full leafy potential.

Don't Try This At Home

NiChrome Wire

Toasters, Hairdryers, and Tinkering Tools, oh my!

Flame Tube

What happens when you leave the workshop staff alone for too long? Flames, Physics, and a bit of amateur DJ-ing


Microwave: “an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength in the range 0.001–0.3 m, shorter than that of a normal radio wave but longer than those of infrared radiation.” Or… a pretty cool science machine!

Five Minute Fridays

Moldy Bread and You

Think soap and water don’t really do much? Check this out and see for yourself, then… go wash your hands

Social Distancing

What do mousetraps and viruses have in common, besides the potential to cause some harm if not treated properly? Check out this Friday’s 5 minute clip to find out!

The Toilet?

The loo, the John, the head, the lavatory. Whatever you call it, there’s science at work in making sure everything goes according to plan.

DO Try This At Home

Please, wash your hands!

Paint isn’t often a good substitute for soap, but never say never…

Paper Airplanes

Throwing things as scientific exploration? Yes please!

Paper Chromatography

Stuff from your kitchen junk drawer can become beautiful science inspired art in 10 minutes!

Nature Moments

Meet Patch, the Python

We’ve heard enough from the FSW staff for this week, time to let the Animals take over for a change.

Meet Pickles, the Toad

I might not look like much, but this small amphibian has quite the big personality.

Grass Whistle

Time for everyone’s favorite: annoying sounds you can make with everyday objects! All you need for this one is grass, thumbs, breath, and patient neighbors.

Our Video Production Team

Liv Vincent

Program Director

Erik Herman

Creative Director