Physical address:
​210 Hancock St.
Ithaca, New York.

Physics Bus

Want to bring the “Wow” to you?

What We Do :

An eccentric science museum on wheels, the Physics Bus contains over two dozen hands on exhibits, with additional facilitated demonstrations outside. 

Anywhere there are curious people, we’re happy to roll up in our bus and make people say “wow, that’s amazing!”

How YOU Can Help :

Want to be part of a grassroots organization that is all about having fun with science? We offer many ways to take advantage of, and participate in, this unique venture.

Where To See More :

The mission of the physics bus is to awaken interest and creativity in physics for all ages and walks of life. Check us out and indulge your curiosity!

Wait… What exactly is a Physics Bus?

[The] Physics Bus will bring … folks together around something that can remain steadfast in its mission to bring science to the people for no better reason than that it’s fun and because it would be silly not to.
Erik Herman

Want to bring the “Wow” to you?